Welcome to BurningShip Camp!

This is our second year placed as a theme camp, but we’re mostly veteran burners who have quite a bit of experience at Burning Man. Our group has slowly formed over the course of 9 years with two of our founding members attending in 2015 for the first time. We’re a group of diverse friends with no particular set location, but our “hub” is in Las Vegas. Like most theme camps, our group began to grow within another camp and we eventually decided to branch off into our own.

During the canceled COVID years, we longed to bring our “dysfunctional family” together to replicate the burn as best as we could. We called it BurningShip, combining Burning Man and our Friendship together. In 2020, we gathered in a remote area of California, 2021 in Utah. For Burning Man, we decided to “row” with the Ship theme, but think of us as an Adults Only cruise ship filled with fun & random events, as opposed to another Pirate themed camp.


Welcome to BurningShip! 

We hope you enjoy your time here!

Official Camp Theme Song

By our very own campmate Liam!